Sevananda Columns 2005 – (More Health-Conscious) Vegan 101

This year the Goddess turns her attention to more whole foods, with an emphasis on whole grains, greens, and incorporating more vegetables into recipes to cut down on their “energy density”. There are definite indulgent moments – waffles, ice cream, party foods, but there are also energy-saving recipes, and more thought given to long term health and longevity.

January 2005 – Slow Food NOW! Rethinking Breakfast
February 2005 – Passionate….Beans?
March 2005 – The Eating of the Greens
April 2005 – Soy Month
May 2005 – Waffles for Mom
June 2005 – Ice Cream for Dad
July/August 2005 – Vegan Picnics
September 2005 – Weight Loss
October 2005 – Saving Energy – Yours and the Planet’s
November 2005 – Saving Energy and Stress at Thanksgiving!
December 2005 – Appetizers from Around the World (Cocktail Party Foods)