Sevananda Columns 2006 – The Homesick Vegan

The articles take a different turn this year with the introduction of “The Homesick Vegan” – a series devoted to reproducing favorite “comfort foods” in vegan versions. Some examples are fried “chicken”, mac ‘n’ “cheese”, Rice Krispy treats, and peanut butter cookies. Toward the end of the year and into the New Year (2007), I focus more on healthy eating and how to plan ahead to make cooking at home simple and pleasurable and less of a chore.

January 2006 – Soups to Cure What Ails You (Even Homesickness)
February 2006 – Mac ‘n Cheeze
March 2006 – Rice Crispy Treats
April 2006 – Fried Chick’n
May 2006 – Homemade Ice Cream (with Omega 3s!)
June 2006 – Pancakes, French Toast, and Crepes
July/August 2006 – Strawberry Shortcake and Zucchini Bread
September 2006 – Cookies for a Lunchbox
October 2006 – Creepy Halloween Food
November 2006 – Thanksgiving Pies
December 2006 – Staying Sane and Well Fed through the Holidays