Sevananda Columns 2003 – Vegan 101

The first half of the year concentrated on comfort foods – doughnuts, pot pies, muffins, ideas for grilling out, and also featured a tofu primer (everything you always wanted to know, etc.). The latter half of the year focused on Cheap and Chic Vegan Cuisine – money, time, and energy-saving ideas to get you more food for less $$. (There was no April column.)

January 2003 – Hot Doughnuts Now!
February 2003 – Pot Pies and Shepherd’s Pies (and Fruit Crisp)
March 2003 – Marvelous Muffins!
May 2003 – Tofu Primer
June 2003 – Cheese Substitutes that Hit the Spot
July/August 2002 – Vegan Grilling
September 2003 – Old School Granola
October 2003 – Three Small Appliances to Save You Time and Money
November 2003 – Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas
December 2003 – Cheap and Chic Gifts from the Vegan Kitchen