Using Lavender as a Cooking Herb

I love it when mainstream cooks I admire publish recipes that just happen to be vegan. This is a great example. Mark Bittman is known as “the Minimalist” at the NYT, so his recipes are always simple and quick, and quite regularly they’re vegan as well. I’m pretty sure that we’re having a version of this for supper, since I have some squash that need using, and all the other ingredients, including some gorgeous French lavender coming into its second bloom of the summer.

There’s a video of Bittman preparing this on today’s NYT homepage, but I haven’t quite figured out how to blog that. Those videos might be ephemeral, but if you’re reading this close to the publication date (Aug 27, ’08), check out the NYT homepage ( It’s the second video in the queue.
Don’t Let the Lavender Punch You in the Nose
Pasta with Shredded Vegetables and Lavender

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  1. organicgoddess

    I should update and mention that we had this recipe the night after I posted it, and it was amazing, and very easy and quick. Shredding the vegetables was a great idea I would never have thought of on my own.

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